Five Must-Have Shopify Plugins for Your eCommerce Store

If you are running an eCommerce business and you make use of Shopify, then you will know that you need Shopify plugins for your store to become professional and successful. The truth is, if you aren’t using Shopify plugins on your site, then your store is lacking huge potential, and the ability to maximize that...

If you are running an eCommerce business and you make use of Shopify, then you will know that you need Shopify plugins for your store to become professional and successful.

The truth is, if you aren’t using Shopify plugins on your site, then your store is lacking huge potential, and the ability to maximize that potential to drive leads and sales to your store won’t be available.

Although using plugins to enhance the functionality of your Shopify store is a great way to grow your business – and there are hundreds of Shopify plugins available in the Shopify extension site, it is not all the plugins that are necessary for your business and you don’t need all as well to succeed.

In this post, because I understand how the Shopify eCommerce site works and what you actually need to be successful, I am going to share with you, the five must-have Shopify plugins to make your eCommerce store very successful.


#1 Plug in SEO

Every website including eCommerce stores needs good and quality SEO to ensure that it appears in search results where people can find it and interact with the content of the site. If your site lacks good SEO, then you will struggle for a very long time and you will end up spending a lot more to get traffic and most of those traffics may not even convert. This is because search traffics converts way better than paid traffic.

This is why you need this Shopify plugin called Plug in SEO. This plugin will help you optimize your store and make it search engine friendly and this will make your products appear in relevant search results.

With Plug in SEO, you can check your site’s SEO performance, and also fix and optimize your site SEO performance; which will generally help improve your SEO rankings and make your site appear in search engine result pages (SERP). This plugin does this by helping you discover simple ways to improve the ranking of your Shopify store and fix any issues that may be holding you back.

With the Plug in SEO Tool, you Can:

  • Create SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions
  • Optimize headings, image alt tags, and file names
  • Fix 404 broken links
  • Optimize blog content

In general, Shopify’s Plug in SEO does the tedious work for you while gradually building your SEO knowledge over time.

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#2 Free Shipping Bar

Another great Shopify plugin to add to your list is the Free Shipping Bar. If your store offers free shipping on items ordered, then you will need a plugin to cover that and one of the best on the Shopify plugin site is the free shipping tool. You can use it to offer totally free shipping or offer free shipping on orders over a particular amount.

When you offer free shipping above a particular amount, then you can use this plugin to promote the free shipping offer with progressive messages. These messages will allow shoppers to know the exact amount they must attain or how much is left to attain such an amount before they qualify for free shipping. This is really cool as it’ll help increase sales and get buyers to add more products to their carts.

That’s not all, the plugin also enables you to display various free shipping offers depending on pages visited, devices used, time, and users’ locations.

Also, you can add background images to the progress bar, this will help customize the user experience. This can be used to promote free shipping during holidays by using custom images.


With the free shipping tool, you can track the performance of each shipping bar; see which shipping goals generate the most sales for your store.


#3 Voyager Upsell & Cross-Sell

One thing that makes all the giant eCommerce stores stand out and make more profit is the ability to upsell other products to their buyers. If you have a way to sell more items to your buyers without them having to always search for everything they need manually, then you are sure to succeed far better with your eCommerce store.

To be able to achieve this with your Shopify store, you need the Voyager Upsell plugin. This is one of the best Shopify plugins for this purpose, especially for your eCommerce business.

When you install the plugin to your online store, it will help you track what people are adding to their carts so as to target shoppers with relevant products at checkout and on places like your homepage.

Voyager Upsell plugin also helps you to add bundle offers for specific products, by allowing you to choose where you’re your special offers to appear on your site. This will help increase sales in your eCommerce business. And the amazing part of this plugin is that you can easily set up and get started with a few clicks within a few minutes.

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#4 Return Magic

Product returns are one of the hiccups of eCommerce businesses. Especially for those in the clothing and apparel niche. But how to manage this process is another thing to consider. This is where the Return Magic comes into play.

It is true when you sell your items, there are people who may want to return for several reasons which may include size issues, items not as described, bad product, etc. because these people will want to return the item, that is why you this Shopify plugin called the Return Magic.

With Return Magic, you can easily make your returns for your shoppers without much stress. The plugin enables you to set up a branded portal where you can automate the process including cash refunds, gift card refunds, and more. You can also provide your audience with multiple refund options.

You can also autogenerate labels for returns using the Return Magic plugin, which makes your return process smooth and easy. Return Magic does not deliver automatic refunds — this means you have control over refunds approval which is very cool.


#5 PageSpeed Monitor

Anyone who owns a website does not need to be told how important and powerful it is for your site to load with the speed of light. This applies also to eCommerce stores.

If your online store takes a longer time to load, you are doing a lot of harm to your website because your shoppers will start leaving and sales will begin to drop.


Most times, we may not be aware of how slow how websites have become and we may not even know how to tackle the issue. This is where the Shopify PageSpeed Monitor comes in handy.


The PageSpeed Monitor is an easy-to-use plugin that keeps close tabs on how fast your eCommerce Site is loading and provides you with practical suggestions on how to improve the speed.


It checks your Google PageSpeed Insights on an hourly basis and alerts you whenever there’s an issue so you can promptly resolve it.

Another great thing is that you can also use it to monitor your competitor’s page speed to see how your site performs against theirs, this will give you an edge and help you improve your site generally.



When you run an eCommerce store, you will need plugins to optimize and improve the store performance. In the Shopify extension site, there are thousands of Shopify plugins that you can choose from depending on what you are looking for, this will help optimize your store.


Plugins are what keep your store going, so whether you’re looking to upsell and cross-sell products, boost customer loyalty, improve page speed, get on SERP, or increase average order value, you can do all of that with these plugins.



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